TCU Logo/Marks Requests Form

From time to time, businesses/organizations/individuals request to use the TCU identity (logo, name or images on products or at events). In order for groups to obtain written permission, the process below must be followed.

  1. Groups should submit the form below that outlines the details of the request.
  2. The request will be reviewed by the Director of Communications and/or the Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communication. The request will either be approved or shared with other key people on campus for approval depending on the nature of the request.
  3. A final copy of approved forms will be retained in the Director of Communications' office.

TCU will not allow:

  1. Use of the identity with the names of businesses, organizations or groups not affiliated with TCU.
  2. Long-term use of the identity (limited to no more than 1 year – excluding licensing or sponsorships).
  3. Use of the identity to promote products unless a licensed agreement exists. (TCU reserves the right to deny licensed use of its identity on any product).

Please fill out the form below for non-institutional use on non-commercial product

**All fields are required