On-campus filming and photography

Any entity wishing to film or conduct photo shoots on the TCU campus must provide the following:

  1. Written request to use campus at least 30 days in advance of the film (this includes television) or photo shoot date. Information needed includes script for filming requests and background information for photography requests and any equipment or parking requirements. The request can be sent to news@tcu.edu.
  2. $1,000 location fee per day (one day equals four hours)
  3. $1 million insurance umbrella policy naming TCU as the additional insured
  4. Application and signed contract outlining the details of the agreement
  5. TCU logos, names or landmarks are not allowed in any shots
  6. All external groups filming on campus must have a TCU marketing and communication staff member present during entire shoot.

Drone requests




The Beck Group Access

The commercial use of drones on campus for filming or photography follows the same procedures above. In addition, drone operators must follow University policy prior to using drones on campus. This drone policy applies to commercial, student and academic uses.

Filming and photography approval process

  1. Applicant submits request form and provides script or photography concept. Applicants should provide as much detail as possible such as preferred date/time, equipment requirements, parking requirements, and shot list.
  2. The Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communication, Office of Strategic Communications Management, and others will review the script and the other details.
  3. If script concept is approved, the Office of Strategic Communications Management sends an email to Conference Services notifying them of the request (date/time/location).
  4. Conference Services/Office of Strategic Communications Management then works with appropriate staff and campus resources to determine space availability and if the photography and or filming can be done without disrupting the campus community.
  5. Conference Services then sends the applicant an application and develops a contract outlining the details of the shoot.
  6. The applicant will then return the application, signed contract, insurance and location fee to Conference Services.
  7. Once all items have been returned, Conference Services emails the Office of Strategic Communication to notify them that the paperwork is complete and the shoot will proceed.

NOTE: If a photo shoot or filming is editorial in nature or for university construction, the location fee and requirement not to use TCU logos, name or landmarks in shots may be waived, dependent upon the situation. The policies are never waived. Additionally residence halls and academic facilities are not available for filming or photography shoots during the academic year.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy

UAV Domestic Questionnaire