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For help with your communications needs from media relations, to news releases to web stories, contact your Account Executive
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Printing and
Graphic Design

For help with printing and graphic design needs, contact the Office of Graphic Design
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Website and
Social Media

For help with website or social media projects, contact the Office of Website and Social Media Management
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Get Started!

To begin your communication project, please contact us at 817.257.7810

The AE can help you develop a strategic marketing and communications plan a well as coordinate all the creative services (writing, design, Web development) that you'll need. They will ask the following questions, so have your answers ready.

  • What audience do you hope to reach?
  • What are you trying to say?
  • What is your end goal?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many printed pieces do you need?
  • When do you need the finish product?

Gather Information

Prepare and organize all the content, including answers to the questions above. It is imperative that all content is approved by all decision makers before it goes to the AE.

Give the approved content to the AE. If you do not have an AE assigned to your area, contact the Director of Publications at (817) 257-7809 to discuss a work order.

Please note that the accuracy of the final product is your responsibility, so double check all phone numbers, URLs and pertinent information.

If you need writing or photography assistance, tell the AE. We may be able to provide some writing and editing help, but the University does not have photographers on staff. The AE can recommend photographers and freelance writers as needed. Freelance, photography and printing costs are your responsibility.

Submit a work order

After the AE has determined the marketing and communication strategy for your area, the AE will submit work orders for the printed pieces, ads or Web sites you need. Be sure to tell the AE the delivery date, location and number of copies needed.

Meet with Creative Team

Print, Web and other projects are produced by a creative team, which may include designers, writers, AEs and/or Web developers. The AE will set up a meeting with the team before the work can get underway.

Be Patient

At the start of a project, your AE will outline a time line for your marketing and communications plan that will help you effectively build your brand and maximize your messages. The plan may include elements of marketing, advertising and communications. You will be told when to expect a draft of the designed piece or Web site. Keep in mind that these projects take time and even the simplest print jobs can require up to four weeks to produce, so plan early.

If your lead-time is too short for our creative team to meet, we will recommend other options or help you find freelance designers, photographers, writers, and web developers. External creative services will be at your department's expense.

Give final approval

Once the piece or site has been designed, the AE and/or creative staff will present it to you for approval. Bear in mind that many jobs get delayed during this process, especially if there are many people who must approve the final piece - which is why all text must be approved at the beginning. That way only the design will need approval at this point.

You will be required to sign off on the project, so check the document or site carefully at this point.

Accuracy of all content is your responsibility.

If a piece needs to be reprinted because of spelling or content errors, it will be at your expense.

Enjoy the final product

After you have signed off on the project, we will send it to the printer and arrange delivery.