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For help with your communications needs from media relations, to news releases to web stories, contact your Account Executive
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Printing and
Graphic Design

For help with printing and graphic design needs, contact the Office of Graphic Design
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Website and
Social Media

For help with website or social media projects, contact the Office of Website and Social Media Management
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How do I begin a marketing project with your division?
Contact your Account Executive to discuss your needs. They will offer a strategic approach to finding solutions to fit your needs and bring in the necessary resources to reach your goals.

If I just need a reprint of something already created and printed, how do I get that?
Fill out a work order, which is available in the resources section of this site. Share as much information as you have available and submit it to the Director of Publications (

If I need a new/unique URL, how do I request that?
Contact your Account Executive to discuss your needs. Together you can strategize which route is best for you. Once it has been determined that a new or unique URL is needed, your AE will start a work order with the web team to establish it.

Does it cost my department anything to work with your staff?
All strategy, design and development completed by TCUís Marketing & Communication staff is provided at no cost to you. If a printed piece is produced, your department will be responsible for the cost of printing, mailing, etc. This will be determined ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly.

If the project is beyond the scope of the work our team produces or is needed in an advanced time frame, we may recommend freelancers, which would be at your departmentís expense.

How long will my project take to complete?
This depends on the project. At the beginning of each project, your Account Executive will ask when you need your project complete and will develop a timeline to meet that deadline or offer an alternative option if the deadline cannot be met. The timeline will help keep all on track through the various stages of the project.

What is my role in the project development?
Your role is to provide as much information to your Account Executive as possible at the start of the project so they can effectively develop a strategy and timeline to meet your goals. During the project, you may be asked to help provide content so the designers have something with which to work.