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Strategic Communications Management

In addition to managing news media relations, internal communications, institutional advertising and crisis communication, staff members in the office function as account executives for each of TCU’s schools, colleges and key administrative offices. The staff develops comprehensive communication and marketing strategies to help University units identify reputation-defining messages that integrate with TCU’s key messages.

The account executives hold strategy meetings with faculty and staff to determine key ideas and themes (competitive distinctions), target audiences and appropriate communication tools — such as brochures, ads, websites, and press releases.

The staff collaborates with other members of the marketing and communication team to provide full-service marketing for the campus.

Strategic Communications Management -

Areas of responsibility include:

Getting the word out — Information about significant activities conducted by faculty, staff and students or reputation-defining projects, events and achievements should be sent to this office. Priority is given to those items that support the University’s central message and goals and support the visibility goals of the respective unit. All information must be complete and specific: names, descriptions, times, locations, name and phone number of contact person, and deadline information. This office will consider and carry out communications activities directly with key audiences, not just news media contacts.

Handling sensitive issues and crises — The Office of Strategic Communications Management will prepare a fact sheet for all issues relating to official University business which have public interest. The Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communication, with the help of the Director of Communications, will form a management committee when necessary, appoint spokespersons, and help them organize and prepare statements.

Media interviews — On sensitive matters related to official University business, it is requested that faculty and staff work directly with the Director of Communications. On matters related to other day-to-day stories, faculty and staff can cooperate with the news media and return their calls promptly. Some faculty and staff will cultivate their own relationships due to the nature of their research or creative activity. Any contact, however, should be coordinated with this office, so that the communications staff can help prepare the interviewee, maximize exposure and be fully aware of news media activities.

News and events online — Recent news announcements, feature stories, an event calendar and general TCU information can all be easily accessed at The news site and headlines are updated regularly. This site also will be a primary source of news and information during a crisis or emergency.

Institutional Advertising — The Office of Strategic Communications Management oversees the development of a strategic advertising plan designed to ensure visibility with priority audiences and support admission marketing efforts. Departments with advertising budgets should seek help here for developing messages, concepts and reduced advertising costs.

Internal communicationsTCU This Week is the primary internal communications periodical. All news and information online for it should be submitted to the Internal Communications Manager or account executive by noon on the Wednesday of the week prior to publication each Monday. Submit news and calendar items one week before the publication date. All items for internal publication should be submitted via e-mail. E-mail story ideas to

Biographical data — Data and digital photos are maintained on most faculty and senior administration. It is important to keep these since they are used when preparing communications materials and news stories. The office coordinates a photo shoot for faculty each fall.

Experts guide — The office maintains a list of faculty and staff who serve as media experts related to their areas of expertise. These individuals are offered to reporters seeking experts to interview for articles and to community organizations as possible guest speakers. Often, faculty and staff are contacted directly as a result. Any contact with media should be coordinated with this office so that the communications staff can help maximize exposure and be fully aware of news media activities. These activities help promote TCU’s visibility and are a useful, desired way of promoting public awareness of TCU’s community involvement.

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