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For help with your communications needs from media relations, to news releases to web stories, contact your Account Executive
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Printing and
Graphic Design

For help with printing and graphic design needs, contact the Office of Graphic Design
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Website and
Social Media

For help with website or social media projects, contact the Office of Website and Social Media Management
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Marketing & Communication

TCU’s division of Marketing & Communication is an internal, full-service agency that strategically plans and executes programs and tasks related to communication, marketing and advertising. The division works to build the overall brand of the University and helps TCU’s schools, colleges and departments identify their own reputation-defining distinctions within the TCU brand.

Our award-winning team of writers, designers, event planners, communicators and web developers use university-wide integrated approach to put TCU’s best face forward.

We focus on three areas:

  • Reputation building
  • Admission support
  • Fund raising and alumni support

We also plan communication & marketing strategies, build websites, produce printed materials and provide all forms of communication support to colleges, schools and departments across campus.

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